Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dec 8 evening - Dec 9 morning on Savandurga

Every thing's interesting here...

Drying end of a chopped off branch.

Girish, Deepak, Gulveer and Rajesh.

We look back at Savandurga on the way back to Bangalore.

I need to jump to reach the hanging chain.

Last light of the day, Saturday December 8, 2007

Night was cold and windy- we could not build a fire that would last. We talked and laughed as we sipped soft-drinks and had chips. Our dinner was chapathi, beans (avare kalu) and shrikhand. Sleep was on and off but we were comfortable. Woke up early to see the first rays of the day...

First rays of the day, Sunday December 9, 2007

pillars of Basava Mantapa, Manchenbele reservoir and the orange Sun

hole through a rock

so many varieties of plant life

One of the many forms of wild grasses.

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Anonymous said...

your pictures are so good that u can seriously think about being a professional photographer u have got what it takes think about it