Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jai Hind!!!

Sometime 1998...

Dad, Kaalu, Murali, Praveen and Nagesh busy having breakfast atop Savandurga. That was during Dad's second and last overnight stay on Savandurga. Four years later he passed away.



Subhash Mahajan said...

I came to Bangalore in 1974 and from 1980 onwards I started visiting Savandurga. I see these photos and I am overjoyed. How many times I have visited I have lost count? But every step I have walked on this monolithic hill is etched in my memory.

It is a far cry from the Rohtang Pass, Kulu and Manali - which I traversed when I was a student. But this is the best that there is and - all the more reason to save it from encroachers and developers. I stopped going to Savandurga primarily because I couldn't stand `vanishing' water creeks - beautiful trees. The pain was too much.

I must tell you about a tree which was like a pregnant woman - we used to see this when we used to climb from Chiktore upwards to savandurga. We all used to hug it and say `MOTHER'. One day it was no more there. After that I never visited SAVANDURGA again.

siddeshwar said...

Wow!! You are a veteran ...I was just a 10 year old when you started visiting Savandurga. I love the place so much I used to visit when ever I took fancy.

I agree with you all this so called "development" is nothing but destruction of Earth.

By chance have you taken pictures during those days? I would love to see them. I absolutely love the place!!