Friday, April 24, 2009

Dogs company

Somehow dogs at Savandurga seem to have a passion for climbing...

...when I went with Rajesh. We explored the smaller hill the evening before, stayed overnight in the temple below and morning we climbed.
This was one of the best scenes I saw on Savandurga. The clouds hung at this level for about 30 minutes or so. The dog sat there seriously watching the clouds.

These two gave us good company all the way up. They would stray away from us exploring the surroundings. For a moment it looked as though both would come down crashing when the puppy stopped to turn back and the big fellow bumped into the puppy's back.

...and finally had breakfast with us on the top. The little fellow was very hungry and would come back for more food.

This is on the Basava Hill, Kiran, Basu, Kiran, one of Kiran's engineering classmate and Rohin. My first climb after my injury to my left femur, I was extremely cautious during this climb.

...Basu and Rohin. This dog was a serious kind and he would never stray away from us.