Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Overnight Stay Four

This was the Saturday Pink Floyd was performing in Bangalore. Kiran, one of Kiran's cousin and a friend of his cousin and of course I, reached well before sunset, gathered firewood and settled down in 'our' stone shelter. As the sky darkened, we could see city light glittering. From here we could see Magadi to our left, Bangalore straight ahead and Ramnagara to our right. I'm not sure if it was full moon day.

Around seven thirty, mist started blowing in and visibility was restricted to about 20-25 meters. We were sitting looking towards Bangalore and Kiran was talking about some ghosts and stuff.... "Sidda, look to your right there's really something coming towards us" When I looked I could see a figure coming towards us through the mist! As it came closer, I realized it was a man. Kiran was telling see if it's a ghost in the form of a man. I told him that to my knowledge ghosts prefer to take woman's form in white saree. Still Kiran was little scared, I'm not sure about the other two guys. The ghost turned out to be a man in early twenties, drunk and looking miserable. He came straight to us. I asked what he was doing here and if he had company and he replied back that his friends left him and went away. He asked if he could go down to the village but we told not to take risk climbing down in the darkness. The 'ghost' hung around close by.

Pink Floyd show, was being live on Vividh Bharati and my pocket radio was playing... the sound quality was not great but still we enjoyed it. We saw a sky-shot... pink and white sparkles and more blue-green, white-yellow. We thought this must at the rock show but the next day we found out that there was no such fire-show. We had dinner pretty early, pitched the tent (a mosquito net) and slept off early.

The 'ghost' woke up pretty early and took off at first light.

We went to the Basava Mantapa stayed there for sometime and then...