Friday, January 27, 2012

Biligudda of Savandurga

That's Gulveer with Biligudda in the background. This picture was taken some time 1995 from Bsava Mantapa on Karigudda.

Of my 20+ visits to Savandurga I've climbed Biligudda just 2 times but failed to reach the summit both times. These pictures must have been shot sometime 2003 or 2004. We were six of us- Rohin, Basu, Kiran, Kiran's friend, one dog and I.

All pictures in this post were shot with a Yashica using Konica films.

That's a gateway to the fort.

The trial is more or less under cover of trees. On Karigudda it is open all the way up.

Part of the fort wall.

This few yards of rock is quite steep and slippery.

Karigudda's peak. The speck on the summit is Basava Mantapa, also called Nandi Mantapa.

A sheer rock face.

The path passes mostly through gaps between rocks.

This stretch is through boulders, trees, roots and branches. We had to watch every step.

Passage through a natural tunnel in rocks. We had to cross a 12 feet wide, 10 feet deep gap on a half a food wide log laid across the gap. The only support we had was a rock face which was not really close. One fall could leave few broken bones.

Basu and Rohin wait on the other side of the passage.

Another view of Biligudda.

Basava Mantapa is more than a speck now.

A natural rock-shelter.

With some difficulty we reached one level of the hill. We could not find the way further.

Basu is fighting wind.

Pond to harvest rain water. It's quite deep too.

Kiran is actually squatting on a narrow stretch. Barely two feet behind him is a 60 feet drop. He's brave to sit there with wind blowing like mad.

Basu flying a plastic bag tied to a length of thread.

Basu dancing out of joy. He freaked out during this visit. Rohin was asking Basu to be careful on this slippery steep rock.

Here the path was hidden by tall grass. We couldn't see the ground. I stepped into a pit and fell over once.

My wish was to see two sentry houses atop this hill which can be seen from Karigudda. Somehow we were not experienced enough or not well prepared for this challenge. Perhaps, if we had a rope we could have managed. Hope the day comes.



Nick said...

beautiful photos!

Irvin Arenas said...

Yea. I love the photographs you took. I "felt" the fun you had on that hike through your pictures. Well done! = p

siddeshwar said...

Thank you Nick.

Thank you Irvin. Glad you enjoyed the hike.

JB said...

I'm late to the party, but also a new fan of the place since I went there last spring ;)

So I climbed Biligudda (the classic one):
Speed clim under 20mn (I see in some other posts you also went for time ;))

From the top we failed to access Karigudda as there is no access from there actually (I think).
I researched it afterwards and found this:
From which I made a tentative path overlay of what they did:
I also think it might be tried from following a wall at around half the climb of Biligudda (red path in picture).

Then searching a bit more and I find your blog.
By comparing your pictures and his pictures, I think you might have not reached the "real" summit, but a bit hard to tell.

Anyway, I have unfinished business there. I love the place.
I'll take any additional information regarding access or stuff to see, in case I manage to go back (need a new business trip :D )

PS: there is a nice place to explore at the bottom of the place as well: